Sports massage therapy has a number of physical and psychological benefits that promote recovery of the body. It stretches muscles, releases fascia, improves muscle elasticity and breaks down scar tissue. It is an incredible way to improve blood flow – enabling the movement of nutrients and removal of waste products that cause pain and soreness. Alongside this, it is relaxing for the body, the mind and a great relief of tension and stress.

If you are regularly training, sports massage can be a great aid to your performance. If you are suffering from soreness, injury or overcoming a long-term injury, it can be an effective treatment.

Just for sports people?
Sports Massage Therapy is not just for athletes – but for anybody suffering from muscular pain or a mobility restriction that is impacting their everyday lives. Our work and lifestyles create problems
and these too can be treated.

Following an analysis of the problem I use a range of deep tissue massage and soft tissue techniques to release tension, reduce pain, improve range of movement and promote good posture and condition.

Common injuries I treat are; lower back pain, tendonitis, postural imbalances, shoulder and neck pain, muscular strains, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, runner’s knee, shin splints and sore muscles from heavy training/workload.

Treatments including consultation time are:

– 1 hour: £25
– 45 minutes £20

To enquire or book an appointment:
Whatsapp/Call: 07957-247-448