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Ruth Allen – Personal Development Coach & Counsellor

Ruth Allen - Personal Development Coach & CounsellorI am a personal development coach and person-centred counsellor working in the Derbyshire area, as well as nationally through workshops and online support.I work indoors and outdoors, and can help you with everything from building self-confidence at home or work, through to sitting with you and listening as you come to terms with ...
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Diane Evans – Health & Weight Loss Coach – Matlock

Diane Evans - Health & Weight Loss Coach - Matlock   Wellness isn’t something that just happens, for most of us, with processed foods, sedentary jobs and cars getting us from A to B, and a lifestyle that’s sees us rushing around at a hundred miles an hour, we soon lose sight of looking after our personal health, very often ...
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Executive Coaching and Mentoring – Derbyshire

Barbara Bates - Executive Coaching and Mentoring. Experience - clients you work with and how you work: I work particularly with Professional People Under Pressure, especially in health, education and social care. With a background in nursing and social care management, I have a particular interest in wellness and resilience. I'm qualified to L7 with the ILM in Executive Coaching and ...
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