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Julia Vaughan – Colour Box Art therapy
BA hons PGCE MA Art Psychotherapy

Art Therapy Derbyshire Matlock - Julia VaughanJulia is a qualified, fully licensed, art psychotherapist working with adults & young adults.

They are people who are coping with life events – have had experiences which have affected their lives in ways which have caused distress and difficulty.

They can be struggling with depression, anxiety, coping with illness, bereavement, family or work situations. They can be living with the aftermath of trauma, sometimes as adults affected by events or trauma experienced in childhood.

Sometimes, words are not enough, or they just can’t be found, or they can even get in the way. In art psychotherapy, talking and making images can effectively work together. Sometimes the images themselves and the process of making them can lead to personal insight and self-understanding. This can help you make changes and develop personal strength and resilience.

Julia’s therapeutic approach is eclectic, integrating many techniques but, essentially, tailoring the therapy to suit each individual and their needs.

As part of her practice, she offers phototherapy, working with photos; ‘found’ from magazines, postcards or brochures; sometimes using personal snapshots, family photos or souvenirs. They can all lead to responses and reflections which can be therapeutically beneficial when explored safely, supported by a trained art therapist.

“You definitely don’t need to feel ‘good’ at art, just to want to explore or express. Art skills aren’t needed for art therapy! And there’s no pressure to make images – it’s in your hands.” ..

Julia Vaughan

Julia provides art therapy in Derbyshire, in various settings, and has clinic space at The Matlock Therapy Centre on a Wednesday.

Registered with HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council)

Licensed independent practitioner with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists)Member of BAAT Sig ATCAF (Art Psychotherapy with Children, Adolescents and Families)

Associate member of

If you would like to know more then please visit her website or contact julia by sending her a message here