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Wellness isn’t something that just happens, for most of us, with processed foods, sedentary jobs and cars getting us from A to B, and a lifestyle that’s sees us rushing around at a hundred miles an hour, we soon lose sight of looking after our personal health, very often too busy looking after everyone else’s needs around us. We don’t invest enough thought and time to keep ourselves well. This leaves us susceptible to illness,tiredness and possible weight gain.

Busy lifestyles see us cramming more and more into our already over-full days, meaning we are more likely to grab food on the run (without doing the literal running!) and heavy work loads combined with poor diet choices and very little exercise can leave us constantly exhausted, stressed and lethargic.

Sustained weight loss, wellness and general good health take conscious thought, intention and work and this is something I, as a Health and Wellness Coach can assist with.

I work with clients on a 1 to 1 basis to help them map out their weight loss journey, hitting smaller, attainable goals along the way to their ultimate long term goal.

I have set up a Tuesday morning clinic space at The Matlock Therapy Centre in Derbyshire. The aim of the morning clinic is to provide 20 minute weekly weight loss and Health and Well Being coaching spots to people committed to making positive health changes in their lives, I am also offering help and support to woman during the peri/menopausal stages to assist in a better transition through this phase.

If you would like to book an initial weight loss or well being consultation to decide if you would like to embark on an initial 12 week coaching programme, then please contact me now to find out more or visit my face book page here.