Picture of Chris smilingChris Carpenter Hypnotherapy

I am a professional, qualified and registered  Hypnotherapist. I am client focused and offer a no nonsense, direct approach to Hypnotherapy. My aim is to enable you to become the very best, happiest and most confident version of yourself. I am passionate about helping people live their best lives, which will become apparent when you meet me.
Many of us live in a fast paced, often stressful environment, both at work and at home.I specialise in stress and anxiety relief , and assisting you in achieving your life goals and ambitions. I will help you become a confident and happy individual, by reprogramming your mind, to rid you of  whatever is holding you back in life.
Hypnotherapy is a perfectly safe, naturally occurring state, in which you remain in complete control at all times. Hypnotherapy works by allowing the Hypnotherapist to talk directly to your subconscious mind. In very simplistic terms, your mind consists of two parts, namely the conscious and the subconscious. The smaller conscious mind makes for about 10% this is what we think of as being ourselves and is involved to some extent in our day to day actions and decision making. The much larger and infinitely more powerful subconscious, makes up the other 90%. It is responsible for regulation of our bodily functions such as breathing , heart beating, regulation of temperature etc. If the conscious mind had to take care of this, we would not live for more than a few seconds , as it simply cannot compute all that information. The subconscious is where we store our memories and learnt behaviours, some good and some bad. This can lead to fears, phobias, habits and behaviours that do not serve us, as well as feelings of inadequacy , all of which can hold us back in life.
By accessing the subconscious, the Hypnotherapist  is able to assist you to get rid of these irrational fears, thoughts  and phobias , increase confidence, sports performance, improve career prospects, the possibilities are literally limitless. Just think about this for a moment, 90% of what we do is governed by our unconscious mind, on ‘autopilot ‘. Don’t you owe it to yourself and the ones you love, to optimise that part of your mind?
I offer Hypnotherapy for all people and for a whole host of issues, from smoking cessation, to weight loss. Just ask and we can discuss whatever it is you want to change.
For more information, please visit my website – www.chriscarpenterhypnotherapy.co.uk